My vision on Cloud Service Management.

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I published my vision on Cloud Service Management in a whitepaper: ‘Van IT Service Management naar Cloud Service Management’ (only available in Dutch language). You can download this paper for free.

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As a starter, here are some definitions of Cloud Service Management. But make sure to visit the subpages for a more profound understanding!

“Cloud Service Management is concerned with aligning both worlds, that is, the world of cloud computing and IT Service Management and introducing good cloud management practices among customer, consumer and supplier organisations.”

“Cloud computing and cloud-based services are not new technology. Cloud principles were followed even for Mainframes circa 1950s and 1960s.There are many frameworks and methods for the management of IT and for service management.”

“In most cases, cloud computing is described as a business model for use of other underlying technologies and not as a technology. Those underlying technologies, such as virtualization, provide the basis for employing cloud computing concepts. Cloud in itself is not a technology.”